Under development since 2005 and with still some way to go, the Inanimate Alice series provides an exciting story with embedded puzzles, mini-games and a rich trove of digital assets that teachers, students, parents... everyone can enjoy.

Episode 5 Development Journal

A fascinating and inspiring look into how Alice created Episode 5, including secret cheats and clues to unlock hidden extras. Enter your email address below for free and immediate access:

Alice in Australia - Photo Story Adventures

These new adventures include a wealth of digital assets you can download, remix and reshape, including a free tool called Snappy.

Episodes 1-4 now available in 7 languages

Inanimate Alice is now available in Indonesian and both informal and polite Japanese. Visit the homepage to choose a language.

Alice's Gap Year - Language Learning Journals

A series of pioneering interactive journals which follow Alice aged 18 during her gap year. A unique mix of audio, visuals, films and interactive word games. Available soon!